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Mutliple layers of protection detect threats and stop attacks to help reduce your vulnerability.

Security Layers

Everything you need for secure and reliable application delivery.

Leveraging proven security expertise and advanced protection capabilities we help secure your hosting solutions against known and emerging threats. This ranges from blocking "bad bots", such as spammers, scrapers and vulnerability scanners, to sophisticated SQL Injections, XSS and other application level attacks. Meanwhile, outgoing traffic is accelerated and optimized using our caching and optimization techniques, ensuring optimal pass-through speed for welcome visitors.

Security Layer
Physical Protection
Business Account
Included Services
Enterprise Account
Included Services
Private Data Centers    
Multi-Factor Access Control    
24/7 Security Monitoring    
Access Control Logging    
Off-Site Storage Upgrade  

Security Layer
Network Protection
Business Account
Included Services
Enterprise Account
Included Servers
Private VLAN Segmentation    
Anti-Virus/Malware Protection    
Intrusion Prevention System    
Reputation Classification    
Network Behavior Analysis    
Persistent Threat Prevention    
Virtual Private Networking    
DoS/DDoS Attack Mitigation    
Web Application Firewall Upgrade  
Common OWASP Top 10 Upgrade  
Custom mod_security Rules Upgrade  

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